Speak at - UXINDIA 2014

UXINDIA aims to showcase strategic design thinking that’s transforming how services and products are designed and consumed across the world. The emphasis is going to be around how strategic design thinking is influencing the socio economic fabric of India across various areas.

Theme :: Driving value through customer experience

In today's highly connected and extremely competitive world, providing value to customers is paramount in creating a lasting impact and strong brand. Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to create business value, or an enterprise trying to differentiate from competition in offering customer value, or if you are a government or NGO org striving to provide social value through governance it's really critical to be value centric for your customers.

UX india has been building an ecosystem value chain around its three key pillars education, collaboration and innovation over the years which formed the very basis of growing interest in our events.The focus for this year's event UXINDIA 2014 is driving value through customer experience. UX India has been building a platform over several years to bring together inspired individuals, institutions and business to drive economic and social value. No matter who you are, we all strive in different ways to build business by providing value to our customers at various levels through various stages of customer engagement.

UX India 2014 invites everyone involved in defining, refining and delivering value to their customers through customer centric design and business thinking. You could be a designer, developer, product manager, business owner, researcher, marketing professional or other; we encourage you all to spark our imagination through your inspiring stories, case studies, projects, research insights, designs, products, services and processes that add value to your customers.

Please submit your proposals to present at our speaker sessions and inspire our audience through engaging workshops that will drive value through customer experience.

Probable Topics

  • Accessibility
  • Data Visualization
  • Design Thinking
  • Internet Of Things
  • Lean UX
  • Mobile UX
  • Service Design
  • UX Strategy
  • UX / IA
  • Visual Design

Submit your talk or workshop

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What last year invited speakers say about UXINDIA..

"The content, enthusiasm, and connectedness between the speakers and attendees (and other speakers) was great. It was a more convivial conference than some of the larger ones I've been to in the US."

Ray DeLaPena Director of Strategy

"I think the content delivered by the majority of the speakers was very good. The invited speakers were excellent. I think the organization committee and all the volunteers did an amazing job. "

Jose Coronado

"Well taken care of, informed, led from airport to venue and back. that was all easy and pleasant. The energy at the conference was very good. Such a warm and positive atmosphere! Timekeeping was also generally quite good. "

Ted Kilian

"The selection of speakers was very good. There was a good mix from practitioners’ point of view. I appreciate the organizers for the overall arrangement of the conference. One of the most important things I have observed in this conference is the remarkable amount of enthusiastic participants. It was really lively and enjoyable to address such great audience. I have especially pleased to learn that a good number of UxD practitioners have their vision in the 'future computing' and 'social computing'. A good number of them are interested in social interaction, computer-mediated human interaction."

Dr. Nasim Mahmud

What last year national speakers say about UXINDIA..

"Since morning to night, we pick stuff that is useful to us. I was happy to speak at UXINDIA 2013 - a formal channel to discuss usefulness, usability and user experience. "

Anvita Bajpai Author, Speaker & SMB Consultant

"Last year was the first UXINDIA event that I attended, as a speaker and participant. The scale of the event was way beyond my expectations. The workshops were well thought of, some of the speaker sessions were really informative and the entire event atmosphere was very charged. I met some excellent UX peers at the event who have now become friends for life. Kudos to the team and look forward to attending the talk this year as well! "

Prachi Sakhardande

"UXIndia 2013 - One of the best event to meet and get along with the best minds in the industry. The organizing team was so friendly and helpful, even the small things were taken care. I used HTML based presentation for my talk, organizing team supported me in every way and my presentation went well and my thanks to them."

Selvaganapathy kaliamurthy Lead UX Engineer

"Privileged to interact with participants across domains, technologies, organizations and nationalities. The event establishes and accelerates the unity in urge for innovations among these diversities."

Prof.R.Ramarao Professor

"It was wonderful speaking at UXINDIA'13 as I talked about Software Testing to a group of developers, designers who willingly listened to my story. As a speaker, I must say it was one of the amazing conferring experiences I have had."

Parimala Hariprasad Delivery Director